Choosing VoIP Gateway

Before buying a one, know the types of VoIP Gateway

VoIP is penetrating in various industry sectors as a modern way for conducting business communication. It is not only available at lower cost but also has many advantages over traditional phone-based communication. VoIP integrates almost all multimedia based applications, surveillance, video conferencing, etc. for effective collaboration that results into Unified Communication System. In below paragraphs,…

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Know and Leverage Benefits Of Business IP Phone System

The most trending business communication technology in 2017, as predicted by experts, is IP Phone System. Business IP Phone System is making small businesses to integrate various multimedia applications for fax, file transfers, web camera, logging customer details, etc. along with the digital surveillance and to leverage benefits of Unified Communications. Small business IP Phone…

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History of VoIP – Milestones

History of VoIP has always been fascinating. The idea of VoIP was first established in 1928 and its mainstream use gained popularity in the 1st century. Such vast is the history of VoIP. It timeline comprises a good no. of years-almost near to 9 decades. Let us quickly overview the Milestones of VoIP over the9-decade…

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