6 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Big Data

6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Big Data

Did anyone of you has ever wonder when a person upload picture or event of the profile picture, or even change a status, how does it actually get stored? Have you ever imagined the volume of the data that millions of users make on regular basis? How is it handled? Well, Big Data technology is…

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Full Control of Your Business Phone System

Take Full Control of Your Business Phone System

Not just email, but the instant messaging and the social media have become essential for our work environments. The conventional modes of expert communication, phones are one of the significant, successful and personal kinds of business communication. The normal company changes their phone system in every five to six years. Thus, selecting the appropriate phone…

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Reason to use VoIP Gateway

VoIP technology is turning the new set of communications. However, there are still some people using the normal analogue signal over copper wiring, there are several people undertaking into VoIP with the hopes of cutting costs on their bill of the phone. It is due to the VoIP technology changes the analogue signal direct to…

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What is Unified Communications and latest trends of it?

In earlier days of doing business, communications were comprised of very few technologies. Like traditional phone systems, fax, e-mails, letters, etc. Although they were best at some time in history, it lacked integration. Because of this, such different technologies were not optimized for efficiency- both technically and economically. However, even with the advent of communication…

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