Analog Telephone Adapter – Ideally Choose HT814 ATA

What is an Analog Telephone Adapter?

An Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) turned as a customary analog phone machine, which includes a standard fax machine or even touch-tone phone. It also includes a Voice over IP (VoIP) device. As a converter of analog-to-digital, it accepts the analog signal directly from the conventional phone. After that, it converts the signals directly into the digital data which is passing on over the web. On the other hand, the digital signals obtained from the web decode into analog signals. One can easily hear them through a headset of the telephone. It lets you make phone calls over the web even in the absence of an IP Phone.

The clear benefit associated with the Analog Telephone Adapter is that one can make use of the phone that you have at one side. It can be wired or cordless, with any sort of the VoIP service. Therefore, if you are desirable to take benefits from the VoIP and not lose your preferred phone, an ATA is a wonderful method to go. The similar things are true for businesses by means of analog lines.

An HT814 ATA requires having a fundamental VoIP service, which includes VoIP service from VirtualPBX to effort. General to speak, one will find credentials from your VoIP services that will comprise a URI, username, and even a password. Then, you require configuring the ATA to utilize these diplomas. If you have this completed, assuming you’ve joined a phone and the ATA is joined to the internet, calls can be made over the web to and from the direction the analog phone.

It might be somewhat slightly cheaper to use an accessible phone with an ATA than it is to purchase a new VoIP phone. However, you won’t have all of the similar specifications that you would normally get receive with a VoIP phone. Take an example, system directories, call logs, and additional features of a VoIP phone won’t be accessible in the same manner on the analog phone. So, if you desire the additional capabilities and features, the best bet is an IP Phone. However, if you would fairly not spend in a VoIP phone at the instant, an ATA is the way to go for reasonable VoIP service. You might lose some characteristics but in some cases, you will save cash. One can visit our VoIP Phone List side to evaluate prices and abilities of the ATA and VoIP devices.

Many of the clients make use of the ATAs to join hardware fax machines to their effective PBX service. The majority of clients just use our virtual fax purposes for both outbound and inbound faxing, some people desire to utilize a standard hardware fax machine. It offers them a document printout of their fax and might fit better into offered processes.

Characteristically, this is completed by setting up a VoIP-enabled addition for faxing and then making use of an ATA to join the fax machine. Adding up a fax phone number that rings straight away to the fax extension let the fax machine to work now as it would on a divide analog phone line, at a division of the cost.

Grandstream Analog Telephone Adapter

Turning integrated IP solutions simple as well as straightforward; the HT series of Analog Telephone Adapters are deployed and trusted by many of the biggest service providers in the world. Incorporate individual analog phones to a house or even office environment with these straightforward to organize solutions.

Best Features of a VoIP Adapter

  • Accommodating with numerous protocols which include SIP, and MGCP
  • Assistance for G.711, G.726, G.723.1, and G.729A voice codecs
  • For faxing T.38 compliant
  • Echo cancellation, VAD, Jitter Buffer and CNG
  • Internet-based management and administration
  • Automatic working through TFTP/HTTP


Planned for office and home, users are searching to connect their analog devices to a VoIP network. All exclusive HT814 is a dominant analog telephone adapter that is simply deployable and convenient. It comes outfitted with 4 FXS ports and an incorporated Gigabit NAT router.

The HT814 promises to give high powerful VoIP technology as well as routing capabilities to the house and even office environments. It lets the users to successfully join their analog devices to a convenient and robust network. Created with the help of Grandstream’s top SIP ATA/gateway expertise, with thousands of units successfully deployed globally. The effective ATA features outstanding voice class in different applications as well as environments.

It is available with simple to use FXS ports, a combined Gigabit NAT router, high-tech encryption with an exclusive security diploma per unit, automated terms for the volume deployment and device supervision and wonderful network performance.

Features of the HT814

  • It provides support to the 2 SIP profiles with the help of dual Gigabit ports and 4 FXS ports.
  • Comprises a fitted NAT router which can hold speeds routing up to 100MBps
  • TLS and SRTP safety encryption expertise to defend accounts and calls
  • Automated provisioning choice comprises comprise XML config files and TR-069
  • Assisting 3-way voice conferencing

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