The Best Unified Communications Features to Look for

According to a new survey, more than 98% of executives think a lack of teamwork. You can call it ineffective communication which is the prime cause of failures in trade. Discovering the right unified communications (UC) solution to solve the problem has become the main concern for the owners of the business owners. But what features must they be searching for?

With the development of the market, the competition is getting tough. It is becoming quite hard for the business to make a selection from an endless number of services providers working in the market. Everyone is making claim for the best product.

Considering the fact in mind, here we are talking about some of the important features. These features should make sure for selecting the UC solution.

Cloud deployment
There is no doubt; the expansion of cloud technology has been the single most significant development in the field of business communications in the last few years. It covers telephony, platform development, infrastructure, and security.

With the help of unified communications, traders are capable to organize their UC solution with the help of cloud. It is maintained and stored in ultra-secure, high-tech data centers. It can be obtained on any device and from any site with a working connection of web.

Call management
One more thing that traders should confirm to focus on selecting their UC solution is high-quality call management specifications. At the base, a UC solution must give an abundance of call management specifications. These features are click-to-dial, call logging, missed call notifications, call forwarding and call recording among others. It makes sure that every agent can find the details they need from an individual location.

This kind of feature is helpful for the agents to quickly update their status. It includes online, busy, away and in a meeting among others. It let know other if they are capable to communicate and can update themselves on the position of others. It applies, no time is tired waiting for calls or messages to be a response. The teams can organize their time.

Instant messaging
Instant messaging (IM) is quickly turning the favored form of communication for the Millennials. It has grown in a consumer world that converses mainly through popular IM apps; It could be Facebook Chat and WhatsApp.

Perfect for the speed, simplicity, and familiarity, the fame of IM will unquestionably boost as time goes on. Thus, selecting a UC solution that assists it now is a good investment for the prospect.

Unified messaging
If you wish to plan to keep their eggs, there are possibilities to find negative results, for unified communications. It depends on the wish of the businesses.  With the unified messaging feature, users can admission their voice, IM, video, and email among others all from a single programme. So, saving hours of time spent flicking back and onward in different sources.

If you are thinking about UC solution, Video conference calling and conference calling are precious features. It can save businesses a wonderful time and money by decreasing transportation costs. It permits users to seize meetings from any site at a single click of a button.

Team collaboration tools
The tools of team collaboration are referred to RingCentral Glip. It users can use all of the above specifications in a single border window. It is able to collaborate more speedily and naturally than ever earlier.

Built particularly to harness the irregular nature of the imaginative spirit, team apps let the users share information and ideas at any time they desire through a number of the different stages without ever having to open one more programme.

BYOD Support
Selecting a UC solution that assists calls upon the device (BYOD) boosts user mobility, improves teamwork, decrease hardware and maintenance costs, and undertakes low user acceptance rates. Additionally, the TrackVia survey, it was showed that as much as 80% of workers now use personal technology for business for the ease, familiarity, and effectiveness it gives.


It is uncommon that businesses can rely on one system nowadays. It can complete an end-to-end unified communications system. Every business has its special processes and business requirements. The ability to combine their communications system with third-party tools is a huge benefit. A solid UC system serves up as the spine of an organization; permitting third-party programs to mix flawlessly with it strengthens the general system and personalize it to the business.

Call volumes can sometimes be hard to predict, and no one prefers encountering a demanding tone when they’re trying to attain a business. With the accurate Unified Communications system, there is a resolution to these troubles. Dynamic lines are referred to as line bursting, let businesses to buy the distinctive number of lines they require while enjoying the advantage of dynamic “bursting” lines when more calls than common come in immediately.

The flexibility Unified Communications systems also let for shared lines among numerous locations or even line pooling. You never need to buy additional lines you need.

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