IVR Customization

IVR automates inbound call routing and fosters self-service. Different business processes need different call flows for directing the inbound queries. Ameyo creates elegant call flows for all kinds of simple and complex business processes like customer support, tech support, directory services and many more. The IVR call flow can be customized as per different requirements. The call can be directed as per the DTMF input entered by the caller. In case of a customer query for account balance, the call can be first directed as per the language chosen, then with the pre-integrated database, the account details can be fetched and the result is announced to the caller via TTS (text to speech).
A complex IVR-flow (as in case of order management) can also be created. The whole process of placing an order by the caller, and checking the status with the help of the order number can be automated with the customized IVR flow. During wait time or hold time, messages about other products and promotional offers can also be played allowing you to capitalize on cross–selling and up-selling opportunities. For example a customer may ask for a “Meal for two” instead of two individual pizzas after listening to the offer while he was in the queue.

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