Multimedia Integrations

There have been constant innovations and developments in the field of communications. Earlier, people were connected only through telephones or postal services. With time, new devices such as FAX, computers, pagers, mobiles and PDAs came into being. At present, communication exchange takes place through different modes such as FAX, Email, SMS, Chat, or Video Call. Users are endowed with a host of communication channels and they want to be reached via their preferred mode. Email, SMS, and Chat are increasingly being used as the preferred means of communication. A robust communication solution ought to be flexible enough to seamlessly integrate with different media and offer multiple contact choice to its users.

Cradle offers the following multimedia integrations:

Email – Cradle’s flexible solutions offer email support in order to facilitate quick response option for inbound campaigns. We integrate with the Send mail Server to provide email support to our solutions. Email integration empowers your agents to revert to customer queries in record time. In case of an inbound campaign for travel, the customer asks details for different packages, destinations covered and itinerary. Such details can be quickly sent by an email to the customer.
Apart from that you can run separate email campaigns for processes such as marketing and market research.

SMS – With the increasing use of mobiles, people wish to receive important messages and updates on the move. Cradle’s solutions provide sms support in integration with the gateway or service provider. Sms can be used as a communication channel when small piece information is to be shared. In case In case of a financial advisory, customers are curious about the market fluctuations so they want to be apprised of current market status. Bank account holders wish to be updated with their account balance after each transaction. In such cases, sms can be sent to the customers.
Apart from that, sms campaigns are increasingly being used in the retail industry to send promotional messages regarding weekend promotions, fairs and events etc.

Chat – As people these days are usually connected through online messengers, a quick two-way communication exchange takes place via chat. Unlike email, one does not need to wait for so long for the response. Cradle’s solutions also provide chat support in integration with the gateway or service provider. Chat can be used to provide support services especially in case of technical support. Customers can get in touch with available technical experts and instantly resolve their queries.

Fax – In cases where the customer requires hard copies of documents for compliance or legal issues, agents have to fax the documents. Cradle also offers fax support with its solutions. The agents can send online fax from their desktops to the customers.

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