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    Epygi QX20 IP PBXs

    The QX20 IP PBX is an entry level, full featured IP PBX and is designed for offices with as many as 32 users. The QX20 can support up to 32 IP devices and 10 concurrent calls.

    Epygi QX20 IP PBXs Key Facts:

    • IP phones:12
    • Additional IP phones with keys:20
    • Total phones:32
    • Concurrent calls:6
    • Additional concurrent calls with keys:4
    • Ethernet LAN port (10/100/1000):1
    • Ethernet WAN port (10/100/1000):1
    • Audio In port:1
    • Audio Out port:1
    • SD slot:1
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  • Epygi QXE1T1 Pri Gateway


    The main function of this Gateway is primarily to bridge traditional PBX traffic to the Internet, thus reducing costs and simplifying system administration.

    Epygi QXE1T1 Gateway Features and Functions:

    • One E1/T1 port
    • One Ethernet LAN Ports
    • One Ethernet WAN Ports
    • Call Routing capable of modifying caller ID or time of day routing
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  • Epygi QXFXO4 Gateway


    The QXFXO4 Gateway is a modular and cost-effective approach to adding four additional outside PSTN lines to a corporate phone network by utilizing either an Epygi QX IP PBX or a SIP-based PBX. It can also be used to IP-enable a legacy analog PBX by connecting the FXO ports to FXS extensions. The simple configuration and superb voice quality makes the QXFXO4 easy to deploy and manage.

    Epygi QXFX04 Gateway Features and Functions:

    • Four FXO PSTN ports
    • One Ethernet LAN Ports
    • One Ethernet WAN Ports
    • VPN capability
    • Firewall
    • Stand-alone or paired with a QX IP PBX
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  • Epygi QXFXS24 Gateway


    The QXFXS24 Gateway is the perfect solution for your business because it can be added to an IP network, therefore allowing your existing analog phones to join the new VoIP network. The QXFXS24 can be stacked for additional capacity. The QXFXS24 provides a number of powerful features not found on standard FXS gateways, including a detailed call routing table with digit manipulation options.

    Epygi QXFXS24 Gateway Features and Functions:

    • 24 FXS Ports
    • One Ethernet LAN Ports
    • One Ethernet WAN Ports
    • Call routing table
    • Digit manipulation
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