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  • Eurotech 32 Port 1U GSM Gateway


    A VoIP 32 channels/ 2E1 PRI (1U) Gateway GSM (2G), UMTS (3G), CDMA with 8ch-32ch Modular expandability (8ch increment). The VoIP 32ch gateway connects to an existing PBX system using VoIP, E1 to PRI Signalling. transferring of 8-32 simultaneous GSM calls and 60 simultaneous calls from ISDN > VoIP, VoIP > ISDN. A total of 92 simultaneous calls

    Eurotech VoIP 32 1U GSM Gateway Features and Functions:

    • 8 channel – 32 channel (1U) Modular Gateway (increments of 8ch)
    • Easy to connect, LAN/ISDN
    • Flexibility, stand-alone gateway or with SIM server solution
    • SIP/H323/ISDN interface
    • Hot swappable Sim cards, in all types of Sim Servers
    • CDR export via Access, Xml, CSV
    • Supports most IP-PBX exchanges
    • Cost affordable, wise investment, reliable
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