Value Proposition

Our value proposition to our clients is simple and precise: “We offer a team of IITians working out of India, with deep domain knowledge in telecommunications, focus on innovator companies, and a culture of ownership and innovation”. This translates into substantial improvement of the services of our clients, both quality and practicality wise.

We focus on small innovator companies rather than the Fortune 500 companies. Our strong points are high quality output, cheaper costs, faster turnaround time and flexible (accommodating) solutions. Our ultimate goal is our client’s all-round development and success. Client satisfaction is such a central issue to our organization that our employee-incentives are linked with client feedback

Quality Solutions
Right from the very beginning of our journey we have been offering our clients innovative, productive, cost-effective and easy-to-use software solutions.
Unlike other telecom support service providers, we at Cradle-Soft Solutions hire top IT professionals (mostly IITians) who are entrusted with the responsibility of each venture. Our talented professionals go on striving relentlessly with their deep domain knowledge in 3G, VoIP applications and other relevant experience in the telecommunication field to evolve newer, more effective solutions.

Fast & Cost-effective Solutions
We do not charge exorbitant billing-rates; moreover, at Cradle-Soft Solutions, we take every necessary step to provide our customers with cutting-edge solutions that are essentially affordable. In fact, we do not mind putting in an extra penny if that benefits our customers. Hence, we make sizeable investments in hiring brilliant, knowledgeable professionals as well as in the development of frameworks and software solutions to give our clients some cost-advantage. Our fast turnaround time too contributes to our customers’ cost-benefit.

Flexible Solutions
As provider of turnkey solutions to our customers, we work up highly flexible (rather accommodating) frameworks and solutions. These generic solutions allow for changes as per the requirements of different clients and effectively deal with all associated risks.

Cradle-Soft advantages that makes outsourcing easier for you:
Turnkey developments that curtail resource requirements
Flexible solutions allowing change in plans
Regular interaction with the client to update on status
Extensive support plan to ensure that the client has access to our knowledge and proficiency even after delivery

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