Facility Access Solutions for Vertical Industries

Facility Access Solutions for Vertical Industries

  • Ashdhir Kinra

Posted by: Kim Gunn, Marketing Communications Specialist

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Facility access and building security is an important component for any office, warehouse, retail space, medical clinic and more. Ensuring the safety of not only employees and guests, but also the content within the building is critical to the success of the business. Building a facility access system may seem like a daunting task, especially to small businesses who do not always have the resources to properly manage these systems. Grandstream is here to help. Our facility access and security solutions are easy to setup and provide centralized management options that can be configured for small to large deployments.

Logistics & Warehouses

A manager can set up a GSC3570 HD Intercom and Facility Control Station at their desk to monitor activity throughout the warehouse. The device can be configured to remotely and securely open doors with Grandstream’s Facility Access Systems. With a GDS3710 or GDS3705 installed outside of the warehouse and/or next to loading dock doors, a lock can be wired directly to the GDS series device to control the door from inside, allowing the manager on the GSC3570 to monitor and accept incoming deliveries while creating a more secure solution. The control station can also be connected to up to 32 of Grandstream’s HD IP cameras allowing for video monitoring throughout the entire warehouse, both inside and outside.

In a logistics environment, being able to communicate hands-free is key. It can be hard to deliver mass announcements relating to scheduling, incoming deliveries, or emergencies. Grandstream’s GSC3505 and GSC3510 Intercom and Paging devices provide a reliable source of instant communication to all workers. Announcements can be made directly from the GSC3570 allowing the warehouse manager to communicate with their employees quickly and effectively throughout the entire facility.

College Campus

On a college campus, security is critical. If you have ever stepped foot on a college campus you have likely noticed security stations throughout the campus. A safety station can be configured by connecting a GSC3510 SIP intercom/speaker and GSC Series HD IP Cameras which can all be monitored directly from a computer and/or the GSC3570 at the campus security office. The GSC3570 supports up to 4 SIP accounts, offering a variety of ways to easily dispatch help, including an SOS button.

The GSC series of HD IP cameras can be set up so that when motion is detected next to a safety station or any key area of campus, the device can trigger an alarm and automatically send an email with a snapshot of the motion detected. This provides the security office with advance notice of activity in the area and they can be prepared to handle the situation before the call is even made.

The GDS3705 audio door system features dual microphones and HD loudspeaker with advanced AEC to offer intercom functionality and has a built-in RFID chip reader and keypad for secured keyless or key entry, ideal for dormitories, gyms, and other campus buildings. In a resident assistant office, a GSC3570 can be set up on the desk to monitor incoming guests throughout the day, and open doors directly from the device to students who may have forgotten their pin or key fob.


In hospital settings where there is an influx of staff, doctors, nurses, patients, and guests, keeping the facility secure can be a hard task. However, with the right tools and systems in place, monitoring the facility can be done easily and securely. In high-security areas such as the ICU, pharmacy, or data storage room where the hospital wants to monitor those coming and going, a GDS3705 should be deployed outside of the room. Those provided with a pin or key fob will automatically be let in, while perhaps a family member wants to visit a loved on in the ICU, they can approach the door, hit the doorbell, and a nurse or staff attendant at the front desk can automatically open the door directly from the GSC3570 control station after check-in. Additionally, after hours when staff is limited and there may not be front desk staff, the GSC3570 control station provides nurses with a device to be notified of visitors from inside the unit.

A reliable two-way communication system is necessary to communicate with patients and staff and can narrow response time and increase safety. By using the GSC3570 control station, an admin can use the GSC Series of SIP/Intercom devices to deliver important announcements and pages. Key staff can also use a SIP phone to call the extension of the GSC series devices for announcements or pages.

Luxury Apartment Buildings

Luxury apartment buildings offer their residents top-of-the-line amenities, but most importantly, security. Residents chose these buildings because they offer secure, controlled, managed access to residents and their guests only. The GSC3570 teamed up with GDS series Facility Access Systems offers a great solution for controlling and managing access to an apartment building. Multiple GSC3570’s can be connected to a single GDS3710 HD video door system, allowing each resident to have a control station located directly in their unit, as well as control stations for building staff and security. This allows residents to visually see who is ringing the doorbell and allow or deny access. A GSC3570 can be installed on the concierge’s desk to allow them to monitor security cameras throughout the building as well as control building access.

For video recording, Grandstream’s GSurf Pro V2 provides free video management software (VMS) for PC-based video recording of GSC series IP cameras and GDS series devices. GSurf Pro V2 supports remote viewing, controlling, and recording from anywhere on the Internet or within a corporate network.

Physical security is not only important to safeguard the people, but it can reduce liabilities, insurance, and protect physical assets inside. In the case that there is a break-in or emergency, having the physical evidence of a security event is key to finding out what happened and how to prevent it from getting worse or happening again. Grandstream’s facility access and security solutions can be combined with other Grandstream endpoints to offer a fully customizable solution to fit the needs and budget of any business, organization, or residence.


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